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The weather service also issued a tornado watch for large parts of Texas and a tornado warning for just west of Waco. Temperatures will start to move above freezing beginning on Monday for large parts of the region, said Chris Jakub, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Wichita, Kansas. "When we get our significant freezing rain and icing in the Central Plains, it is usually a two- to three-day event," Jakub added. "This is going to continue through Sunday night and into the morning." A quarter to a half inch of ice (0.6 cm to 1.2 cm) was forecast for most of Kansas, the Weather Service said. Ice downed trees and power lines, particularly in northwest Oklahoma, where thousands of people were without power. At least three people died in traffic accidents in Missouri due to icy conditions, the Missouri Department of Transportation said. There was one weather-related traffic fatality in Kansas, local media reported, and another in Oklahoma. The storm led the National Football League to delay the start of a playoff game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Pittsburgh Steelers in Kansas City from noon to 7:20 p.m. on Sunday, when the worst of the bad weather was expected to have passed though the area.

Most of them expected to win. And almost all of them believed they would win. But even the most fervent of the Lions' faithful never thought it would go as well as this No. 1 West Linn raced past No. 7 Central Catholic 62-7 in the Class 6A state championship game at Providence Park. The win capped West Linn's season record at a perfect 14-0 and gave the school its first football championship ; previously, the Lions won the 2016 Three Rivers League championship. Central charles and keith Catholic, the Mt. Hood Conference co-champion, finished its year at 10-4. Check back later for a complete game story and more updates on the West Linn Tidings sports page and on the Prep Football tab .

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