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Experts are projecting hotel room bookings by conventions and groups will fall 19 percent in Indianapolis next year, a hit that will strike not just hotels but also the agencies and facilities funded by tourism taxes. And some in the industry are pointing to the fallout from a controversial 2015 law as the culprit responsible for an expected one-year downturn. Thats because conventions and groups generally book events at least three years out. So the economic impact of the legislative fight over the Religious Freedom Restoration Actand the resulting national outcry about the states approach to gay-rights issueswasnt felt immediately. Instead, it is reflected in bookings for 2018. Hoops Theres no doubt, 2018 looks like a bad year, Visit Indy CEO Leonard Hoops told the Capital Improvement Board in a meeting this month. Its not impossible to get back to pace, but it wont be easy and I dont expect us to get to 2016 and 2017 levels. Visit Indys goal is to attract enough group visitors each year to account for 725,000 hotel room nights. Thats 28 percent of downtowns inventory. Thats what we feel is a good, healthy number, Hoops said. In recent years, Visit Indy has beaten that goal booking 743,956 room nights for 2014, 731,300 for 2015, and a record 822,654 for 2016.

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