By Concocting A Story And Deciding That Family Illness Could Be A Factor, That Story Then Effectively Grew, Developed Legs And Went Viral, And It Caused An Immense Amount Of Upset And Anxiety Unhappiness. When She Resigned, Her Predecessor Nigel Farage Took Over The Leadership Again On An Interim Basis.

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About 70 percent of Frontiers weekend flights across the country experienced some kind of delay. The airline is struggling to reunite many travelers with their luggage and re-position crews and staff where they are needed, Frontier spokesman Jim Faulkner said early Monday. DIA is Frontiers largest operation, so many of the stranded crews and staffare there. Frontier also brought in extra personnel to staff reservation offices. Baggage from canceled flights piled up as more luggage arrived on incoming flights causing a glut of bags. The focus today is continuing to get bags to their owners, Faulkner said. We brought in extra staff to sort through bags, and had a lot of success last night reuniting people with bags. On Sunday, Frontier spokesman Richard Oliver said the company would not provide food or accommodations for stranded travelers. The winter storm yesterday was worse than expected. It did not allow us to operate on our schedule as anticipated, Oliver said. Frontier was unable to have crews in place to handle flights because cancellations throughout the nation impeded their movements, he said.

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Ms James said false reports she had stepped down because of her husband's ill health had caused her anxiety. She also revealed her "awkwardness" over a planned kiss with Nigel Farage. Ms James, an MEP for South cheapest flights to Paris from eugene oregon East England, caused shock in early October when she resigned, having won the party's leadership only 18 days earlier. 'Concocted story' She told 5 live Daily of her frustrations in the role, saying: "One can obviously continue to bang your head against a brick wall, going to bed at night hoping things might change and that you might be able to make a breakthrough. "But when it became clear I couldn't make that breakthrough, I felt it was the right decision for me and the credibility of the party that someone else cheapest flights to San Francisco from glasgow assume the mantle." Asked if she found it hard to get rid of UKIP's "old guard", she responded: "Yes, that's a very good description." Image copyright AFP At the time of her departure, it was reported that Ms James's husband was in poor health, but she said: "My husband was not very ill, and neither was he at death's door, and it was quite frankly irresponsible journalism. "By concocting a story and deciding that family illness could be a factor, that story then effectively grew, developed legs and went viral, and it caused an immense amount of upset and anxiety unhappiness." When she resigned, her predecessor Nigel Farage took over the leadership again on an interim basis. After she was elected in September, Ms James kissed Mr Farage on stage, with photographs seeming to show her flinching. She said: "Nigel and I spoke just before I went on stage and he said, 'Look this is what we're going to do. The plan is I'm going to give you a greeting and there's going to be a kiss on the cheek'. "And we agreed which side the kiss was going to be.

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