Plain Talking On Effortless Strategies For Bed Cover

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Maez told Adamson that he stopped choking Corbett when he heard the door to the section open, about two minutes before the officers came to his cell. Adamson testified that Maez also told him he hears voices, and a registered nurse at the prison, Karlene Tuimauga, confirmed that Maez took anti-psychotic medications. Matthew Athey, an inmate from the neighboring cell, said he heard Maez shouting at Corbett during the assault. Athey said he heard Corbett scream for help during the beating. He talked to Maez through a vent after the stabbing and before the choking and said Maez had asked him for advice. According to his testimony, Athey told Maez to either get medical help or finish it. When officers checked the cell, they found Maez covered in blood and calmly holding a cup of tea, said corrections Officer Christopher Facer. Corbett was taken to the hospital, where he was declared dead. Utah Chief Medical Examiner Erik Christensen testified that strangulation killed Corbett, and that the other injuries wouldnt have been fatal on their own. Inmates, medical personnel and Adamson testified that the cellmates had wanted to be separated because Maez had a problem with the nature of Corbetts crime, which involved the sexual abuse of a child.

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