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HMS Albion Armed forces paralysis due to Brexit, Rusi warns These are external links and will open in a new window A government preoccupation with Brexit has led to "policy paralysis" over the armed forces, a think tank is warning. The Royal United Services Institute said delays over implementing planned military reductions, including the axing of some warships, aircraft and regiments, had created uncertainty. Rusi said the UK was risking its reputation as an international partner. The Ministry of Defence says its review, to be concluded by the summer, will strengthen the armed forces. Rusi's warning comes as the Ministry of Defence faces a budget shortfall of up to £20bn over the next 10 years. A defence review was due to be published early this year which could have led to significant cuts in the armed forces. BBC Defence Correspondent Jonathan Beale said the defence secretary, Gavin Williamson, has managed to buy the MoD more time as he tries to persuade the Treasury to give his department more money. But Rusi's report says any further delay in making those decisions risks damaging Britain's standing with key allies. It argues that by extending the defence review and with the media focus on possible cuts to "totemic" units like the Marines there is now a greater danger to the UK's "credibility as a serious security actor".

  “Fashion is the purest form of self-expression,” said Parker, a first-year student in environmental science and fashion retail studies. She said she uses a wide range of materials to design her clothes. “I use fabric, but because I try to stay sustainable and I’m on a college budget, I’ve even used old office chairs to make clothes,” Parker said. She said her passion for sustainability and body positivity stem from the damage that the fashion industry has done to the environment and people’s self-image. For example, Parker focuses on the toxins released into the environment during clothing production, as well as the amount of water it takes to make clothing –– 2,700 liters per cotton t-shirt, according to “Fashion should be used as a tool to help people, and I don’t see why it can’t,” Parker said. Kelsie Parker, a first-year in public affairs and Sarah’s sister, described Sarah as a fixer with a desire to help others. That was evident when Parker made prom dresses for girls at her high school who either could not afford one or could not find anything that made them feel secure in their bodies. Sarah said she wants to own a fashion company that focuses on sustainability and body positivity. “I know my goals are very high, but I am taking steps to help me get to that point,” she said.

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Used clothes: Why is worldwide demand declining?

Used clothes: Why is worldwide demand declining? By Kim Gittleson BBC business correspondent, London These are external links and will open in a new window Pity today's clothes. Like unloved toys, they're being worn less often than ever. The rise of fast fashion retailers has meant that consumers can buy trendy clothes almost the second they're designed - and just as quickly move on to the next fad . Most of us try to lessen the guilt of our fashion fickleness by dropping those barely worn clothes off at a charity shop. According to Oxfam, donations to its stores increased by 2% in the past year alone. Image caption Oxfam says donations to its stores increased by 2% in the 2016-2017 period In many ways it's a virtuous cycle. But only 10% to 20% of donated clothes are actually sold through charity shops like Oxfam's. The rest are sold to distributors who then sort the clothes and send them on to countries like Pakistan or Malaysia where they are sold in second-hand clothes markets or recycled to make products like fleece. There's just one problem: those countries increasingly no longer want our used clothes. Overall, the global export market for worn and used clothing is estimated to be about $4bn.

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