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Cincinnati Zoo tweeted a picture of Fiona the hippo being bottle fed Keepers have been monitoring the IV round the clock since then. "Five bags of fluid later, Fiona is showing signs of recovery," Ms Gorsuch said. "She is still sleeping a lot but has started to take bottles again and has periods of carefully-supervised activity. The catheter is still in place." Image copyright @CincinnatiZoo Baby Fiona is being กระเป๋า forever21 ของแท้ cared for close to her mother Bibi and father Henry, so the family can hear and smell each other. She made the history books even before her arrival, when scientists at the zoo captured the first ever ultrasound image of a Nile hippo foetus. The Vascular Access Team were delighted to help the diminutive beast, whose growing pains have charmed fans online. "Like many people, we are rooting for Fiona!" said clinical director Sylvia Rineair. Cincinnati Zoo was in the news last year over the fatal shooting of gorilla Harambe after the animal grabbed a four-year-old boy who had fallen into his enclosure. The shooting last May sparked angry reaction and prompted a social media backlash that saw the zoo temporarily delete its Twitter account. When Cincinnati doctors treated... an aardvark Fiona isn't the first of Cincinnati's animal residents to get help from the local children's hospital.

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