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But under the ministerial code of conduct, if government ministers want to keep a gift personally they are obliged to declare presents worth more than 140. So while smaller gifts will remain unknown, news of some of the bigger - and stranger gifts - have been disclosed to the public. Image copyright PA Image caption Artist Ben Eine, who has worked with Banksy, began his career by "tagging" his name on buildings Cameron's 'art swap' On his first trip to Washington as prime minister in 2010, David Cameron's official gift to President Barack Obama included a painting by a graffiti artist. The work, Twenty First Century City, by Ben Eine, was said to be one of Mr Cameron's wife Samantha's favourite artists. Mr Obama continued the art theme by presenting the Camerons with a signed lithograph by pop artist Ed Ruscha. The piece, Column with Speed Lines, was chosen for its red, white and blue colours matching the British and American flags. Writing on his website, Ben Eine - who has worked with Banksy - said it had been a "weird day" because "David Cameron has given one of my paintings to President Obama in an art swap". Image copyright Reuters Image caption The Camerons gave the Obamas a table tennis table in a nod to the match the men played in 2011 The following year , Obama chose to give the Camerons a customised "one-of-a-kind" barbecue as a reminder of their time flipping burgers together in the 10 Downing Street garden during the Obamas' London visit in May 2011. In return, the Camerons gave the president and his family a customised Dunlop table tennis table.

At her first opportunity she viewed the post on Facebook and confirmed that, indeed, her long-lost wedding dress had been found. It all happened so quickly for (McNamara), but Ive been looking for her for four years, Kim Jones said. Just four months ago, Kim Jones and her husband downsized to a different house in Acworth, at which time she considered parting with the dress. I thought maybe I should just get rid of it, she said. But, one of my bridesmaids (whom I talk to almost every day) encouraged me to hang on to it. Shell show up one day, shed said. Indeed she did. Reporters and camera crews from local and national media arrived at McNamara's home Monday morning to capture the moment when McNamara and Jones met for the first time to exchange their dresses. "We watch the news. We never ARE the news," McNamara said.

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