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The only major legislative accomplishment so far has been the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Neil M. Gorsuch, which came in April after bypassing a Democratic blockade. David Winston, a Republican pollster who works closely with congressional GOP leaders, said lawmakers are eager to avoid discussions on issues that do not have to do with their agenda — including Trump’s tweets — and said an extended delay on big-ticket legislation would pose a problem. “Anytime they’re not talking about the economy or jobs, they know that’s not what the electorate is looking for,” Winston said. “It’s going to be the responsibility of the White House to provide that context” when the news cycle and media has their attention elsewhere, he added. Ongoing turmoil in the White House only exacerbates the problems. Talk of possible staff changes has fueled a rush of stories that irritate Trump, who disdains news coverage of his advisers and their many rivalries. Former campaign loyalists, such as Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie, have been spotted heading to the Oval Office for meetings. Meanwhile, the Russia-related questions are ubiquitous.

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